All actively enrolled participants can make online credit card payments. The initial payment is check exclusive.

A statement of account is required to create and access your account. This document should be requested and given to you by your organizing teacher.

Credit card payments must be made online and cannot be made by phone. All other types of payment must be given directly to your organizing teacher, who submits the payments to us. Be sure to give a copy of your receipt to your organizing teacher when you make an online payment as s/he does not have access to your online account.

Be sure to verify your daily spending limits and security or fraud prevention holds directly with your financial institution prior to making an online payment. Due to online security, only one payment is permitted every five business days. Plan ahead of the deadline that your organizing teacher gives you. If you have any issues, let your organizing teacher know.

If you believe that there is a technical issue, you may contact our group accounting department Monday-Thursday from 9am-3pm here. Allow 48 hours for an e-mail reply, weekends excluded.

A new window will open, redirecting you to the secure section of our website.