Latin America (except for Puerto Rico)

When our Latin American humanitarian were introduced over ten years ago, they quickly set the bar in educational student travel. As the years passed, our team, with substantial teacher input, was constantly striving to make the best, even better. Following a successful field-test last year, we proudly introduce .

provides a great opportunity for your students to practice their Spanish, purchasing skills, and experience the modern culture first hand, all while helping the local community.

In the past, students carried mostly used items in their luggage. This is no longer recommended. We are pleased to confirm that you will visit a super market center or local store with an opportunity to purchase specific items that are most-in-need. A minimum $15 donation per participant is recommended.

You will then visit a local orphanage (day care) or school. Your humanitarian may range from 90 minutes to several hours. Typical are helping the children with their homework or playing games. In some destinations, you'll participate in a full-day project, such as gardening, painting, etc.