Parental Consent to Travel Form

A few notes:
  • The form should not be completed more than 30 days prior to departure

  • The original forms should be carried with during travels. It would be beneficial to also have a digital copy and/or leave a copy with someone back in the US during travels. While the copies are not accepted in many cases, they may be useful in case the original is misplaced.

  • The acceptance of all documentation is at the discretion of the Immigration officials within your destination country / countries.

  • In the case of a split family / split custody / parental passing, legal paperwork that supports the custody changes is required along with the parental agreement. We understand that sometimes those situations are sensitive so remind parents that the paperwork is required for their child to travel.

  • Interact does not need a copy of the completed forms so please do not send them to us. They should be retained by your leadership team / your travelers to have on hand throughout your program as the paperwork is requested.

  • Each international destination has the right to determine the specific requirements for their country and, like passport requirements, they can adjust without advance notice. We encourage you and your travelers to continue to review the U.S. State Department and Customs / Border Control websites prior to your departure.

  • Please reference Preguntas for further information, as all travelers are responsible for their own proper documentation.