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Students & full-paying adults

Participants should review ¿Preguntas? pages 4 and 7. Participants may, on occasion, be required to room with participants of the same sex from another school group on the same Interact program. All rooms have private bathroom facilities. If the final rooming list results in participants being placed in a double or single occupancy, the participants will be responsible for the double or single occupancy rate. The respective amount will be added to the statement and will be due with the final payment.

HOTEL- list 4 (Spain, Peru & Panama 3) per room. List as many quadruples (Spain, Peru & Panama - triples) as possible and the balance in doubles or triples.
HOMESTAY - list 2 per family. List as many doubles as possible and the balance in a triple:

Organizing Teachers & Official Assistants
(entitled to full or partial complimentary travel)

Receive one-half of a complimentary double room (triple or quadruple hotel rooms can be requested). On occasion, you might be required to room with another teacher or Interact Staff of the same sex. All rooms have private bathroom facilities. Interact does not unilaterally place teachers with students. Hotel charges for single room occupancy are not included.

HOTELS &/or HOMESTAY - (2 per room/family)


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